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Captain's Blog, Temperamental. I've scheduled a Senior Officers' Meeting in Sick Bay, to try and get a handle on the situation. We are rapidly approaching the starbase, and still have neither solved the plumbing problem nor contained the Bord contagion that is turning my crew members into moping Smiths fans. Oh, and there's still this weird issue of all these extra floors showing up in the first place. Are these Bord intruders the "cause" of the new floors appearing, or do we really just need more thorough tours of the ship when we sign on?

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The Head of Psychology spoke up. "No, sir, Lt. Ethel apprised us of the situation. We are here to serve the mental wellness needs of the Bord, who--"

"Okay, Dr. Exposition," Clerk interrupted. "Anyways, the Bord infestation is very dangerous, as they are very adept at manipulating your emotions. Please use the Buddy System. Any questions, just refer to me. I'll be up on the Bridge making preparations for our arrival at Deep Dish $9, but I can help you with anything you may need. Psychiatrists, start your engines."

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Episode 8: Dread on Arrival

For once, Captain Clerk wished the elevator would go slowly. Figures it'd be going at top speed now. He arrived on the bridge just in time for the Incoming Signal.

"Starbase Deep Dish $9 to starship Secondprize."

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No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no...

Clerk frantically pressed the Close Doors button on the elevator. Janet reached in and began to pull on his arm.

"Captain!" she exclaimed. "Captain, what's the matter with you?"

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Captain's Blog, Stardate: about 15 minutes ago. We have requested Emergency Exit Clearance from Deep Dish $9 due to the fact that the area below The Port has now filled up and is in danger of rupturing. They were, of course, happy to grant it so we don't get anything on the newly-cleaned dock. We are now faced with a risky prospect regarding the Port. Our new Gornish Chief Engineer, Cecil, is going to suit up in an attempt to open a hatch below the pipe that was never connected. We have him tethered to the hull so he doesn't fly out.

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