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The contents of Deck X continued their involuntary journey toward the hatch. Chair after chair, vase after vase, some couches, a foosball table...


"Don't worry, Cecil!" Clerk replied. "You're tethered to the hull! You'll be fine! Just try to stay out of the way!"


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Last thing I need at this point is a meeting...

The debriefing meeting began at Half Past Late, and mainly consisted of Captain Clerk, Lt. Wharf, Dr. Fl├╝shaht and Lt. Whatsisname coming up with a plan for Damage Control.

Head in hands, Clerk began the meeting. "Okay guys, the Admiral is on board, and there's nothing we can do about it. So... what are we gonna do about it?"

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Admiral Michael Nezbomb was a lot of things to a lot of people -- mostly intimidating and unpleasant things -- but to Captain James Clerk, he was a lot more. Granted, he was still intimidating and unpleasant, but ever since he took the Captain under his wings, he showed a little bit of what few suspected him of even having: a heart. Since Nezbomb never had any children of his own, he finally had somebody to use up all his parental instincts on.

"Better him than us," was the catchphrase around campus.

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Episode 14: Hi Honey, I'm Home

Captain Clerk struggled to keep up with Admiral Nezbomb, who was on a collision course with the Bridge. I really hope you're doing something up there, Lieutenant... whatever your name is.

They stepped onto the elevator. Wasting no time, the Admiral uttered the command.

"Bridge, please."

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Slow down, will ya?

The elevator, naturally, was in a hurry to get to the bridge, but Captain Clerk wished it'd savor the journey. In the scarce moments before they arrived, Clerk tried some of those relaxation techniques the Ship's Counselor keeps trying to get him to do. At least he managed to keep from noticeably panicking.

The doors opened up to the Bridge, where the crewmembers -- who were still scurrying around trying to get things together -- promptly froze in place. Even the computers seemed to have turned the volume down on their normal beeps and bloops.

Except one.

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