Episode 26: There’s Only Two Blogs in Me, and I Just Wrote the Third

Hey everybody. This isn’t really an episode, but… I had decided I was ready to end the blog, but wanted to have one last episode to wrap things up. Unfortunately, I kept putting off writing it until I no longer felt up to it. I almost left it as it was, but didn’t want that sudden ending be the last word. On the other hand, I wasn’t fully enthused about the series finale I had planned. So, in lieu of a “proper” end to the blog, here’s an outline of what the last episode was going to be. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story. Maybe someday I’ll do a sequel.

Captain’s Blog

Captain, we’re out of ideas.

Clerk grabs a book. Why, we have tons of ideas! Charlie Y, Spock’s Spleen, Yet Another Gorn Fight, etc.

Then I (author) enter the story and argue with the crew.

Set phasers to kill! Maim! Slice! Dice! Tickle! Nothing works.

Sorry guys, the blog’s over.

So that’s it?

Well, I was gonna have Clerk wake up and this episode be a dream.

Yeah, that would have been bad.

Could be worse. Could have been a two-part episode stretched out over seven seasons.