Episode 55: Always the Last One to Hear About It

“Cap’m! Cap’m! Hey Cap’m!”

The perennially annoying voice of the Head of Maintenance could be heard, muffled, through the door to Captain Clerk’s quarters. Clerk turned on his blue Captain’s nightlight and checked the time.

1:30 am? Seriously? If this is Tribbles in the AC ducts again we’re getting a new Head of Maintenance.

“Cap’m! Hey Cap’m!”

With a sigh, Clerk finally acquiesced. “Open.”

The doors slid open, and Clerk had to shield his eyes from the bright light coming in from the hallway.

“Oh hay Cap’m! I didn’t know if you’s awake er not.”

I am now, thanks to you. “Yes, Mr. Jenkins. How may I help you?”

“I’s jest wonderin’ if ye’d heard the big news!”

This is not a game I wish to play with you, especially at this hour. “What news? This had better be really–”

“Oh! Well… everbody’s been talkin’ ’bout it, Cap’m! I figured you’d a been tha first ta know! Ennyways, we’ve been pickeded up fer anuther season!”

“Say what?” the Captain exclaimed, now sitting upright and ready to fire his yeoman. “Did the network actually start reading their ratings properly?”

“Naw sir, it’s something called, uh… sindama… sendiacate…”


“Yeah! That’s it!”

Figures. No idea where we’ll be broadcast now. “So, has word gotten around as to when it’s going to start?”

“Inna few weeks er sumpthin’, I think,” Jenkins said, scratching his head under his cap. “I reckon ya can get that from Miss R–”

“I know,” Clerk interrupted, trying not to hear the name of She-Who-Will-Soon-Be-Polishing-Her-Résumé. “Anyways, thanks for the good news. I’m gonna go back to bed now. See you later.”

“Okay, Cap’m. Say… reckon we’ll finally–”

“I don’t know. Anyways, I need to go back to bed now. See you later.”

“Oh, right. Gotcha. Hey, d’ya think–”

I’m going back to bed now.

“Ohhhhh,” Jenkins said slowly, the words having finally registered. “See you in the morning!” And with that, he was gone.

Clerk turned out the light and laid back down. No rush, Jenkins.