Episode 65: Pop-Ups Detected

Today was Captain Clerk's first day on the New Bridge, and he was still taking it all in. He slowly walked around the perimeter, arms behind his back, admiring all the shiny new equipment, and unintentionally making all the ensigns nervous in the process.

At least they refitted the entire ship this time, instead of just rearranging the offices and installing fog lights like they did last time. Definitely gonna have to get Jenkins to come up here and repaint the Bridge, though. This all-white-and-transparent look just seems a tad... dull. They should totally go for this look in Sick Bay, though. Sigh. They never consult me on these things.

When he got to the Navigation station, Clerk noted Lt. Eric's apparent confusion and frustration over the new control panel's layout (and all the crumbs the navigator was dropping all over it).

"Something wrong, Lieutenant?" Clerk asked.

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Episode 64: Happy Gornday

After throwing away his fifth cheap Ferengi "barely used" recorder off FleetBayTM, Lt. Commander Georgie "Rainbow" LaGrange was relieved to hear that he had finally been given access to the Gornucopia's built-in personal recorder system. Granted, the only reason they didn't let him in earlier was that everybody on board had forgotten the password. As he spent months hacking the system, LaGrange caught himself wishing that Gorn ships came equipped with sticky notes.

"All right," he said with a sigh. "Let's see if this works."

Without bothering to collect his thoughts, he went ahead and hurriedly pressed RECORD before he got locked out. Again.

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Captain's Blog, Stardate... uh... sigh. Figures my communicator would die right now. Sometime I should actually put a clock in here. Anyways, we are just finishing up our latest refit, and while I'm dreading having to learn my own ship all over again, at least they finally granted my request to have the Captain's Shuttle re-instated. Not that I've ever needed to use it in an episode ever before, but I miss my FleeT Cruiser. Sure, the thing is leaking oil like crazy, and the CD player doesn't work, and I haven't seen my keys since Season 1, but still... it's a little slice of home, and I'll take what I can get. Plus, Jed Jenkins is working on it right now, and says it oughta be purring like Tolstoy's kitten by the time we ship out.

The Fleet has had a troubling trend regarding Academy graduates the last several stardates, and that is the rising number of Ship Design majors versus the dwindling number of Ship Repair majors. As a result, many starbases have had no other way to deal with damaged or otherwise-in-need-of-upgrading vessels than to simply do a refit every time. While some people -- mostly admirals -- enjoyed the fact that practically the entire Fleet got a facelift on a regular basis, none of them have had to actually serve on any of those constantly-changing ships... except, of course, for the technical writers, who have plenty of work to do continually revising the Ship Operating Procedure manuals.

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Episode 62: It's a Rap!

Captain's Blog, Stardate: Season Finale. The trip to Andoria actually was fairly uneventful, contrary to expectations, and we all came away unscathed. That is, except for our Security Chief, Lt. Yarrrrr, who slipped on a small oil slick and fell and hit her head, putting her out of commission. As the Embassy medics took her away, she seemed frustrated, mumbling something about it "not being the way the contract was supposed to end" and her Academy loans. Women are weird. Anyways, I'm riding out the rest of the trip to Starbase Johnny 5 hoping absolutely nothing will happen.

"We're here already?" Captain Clerk had barely sat down in his Ready Room when his navigator walked in and gave him the news.

"Aye, Captain," said Lt. Eric with a smile. "I found a shortcut. We didn't even have to go over Warp 4!"

Wait, how do you...? Never mind. Best not to ask questions. "Uh, good job. Have Kato no--"

"She's already worked everything out. We even found a good parking spot!"

I leave the Bridge for five minutes and suddenly everybody goes into hyper-productivity mode. I get it, I get it.

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So... should I change my FleetBookTM status from "it's complicated" to "in an on-again-off-again relationship...again"?

Captain Clerk sat on his bed, staring blankly out his window, still trying to process what had happened the night before. Sure, he and Safeway had gotten back together before, but this time it was... weird. Perhaps it was the overall daze he had been in that night. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't even been asked. She just said it should happen and it did. He wasn't really involved in that decision, which, for all he knew, had taken place in front of Safeway's bathroom mirror as she brushed her hair that morning.

With all of this drama rolling around in his head, Clerk just couldn't handle being a Captain today. Or maybe he just didn't want Info to see him like this, because he knew it would be question after question. Regardless, he called in a Personal Day Off and attempted to relax.

The ringing doorbell didn't help.

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