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Episode 1: Strange, New Rooms

Captain’s Blog, Stardate, um, Tuesday, I think, about 4:30 pm. The U.S.S. Secondprize is en route to starbase Deep Dish $9 for repairs. The wifi is down, half our cable channels are showing nothing but static, and all of the toilets are currently backed up, though nobody seems to know why. The situation, needless to say, is tense.

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"Cap'm! Cap'm!"

"Calm down, Jenkins. What happened?"

"You just wouldn't believe me if I told you, sir!" the Head of Maintenance said breathlessly.

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Captain Clerk picked up the nail polish, reminding himself of what his mentor, Captain Placãrd, always said: "No matter how weird your day gets, on the Secondprize, it can always get weirder. Always."

He looked up and saw one of the ceiling tiles had been pried open. Clerk reached for his communicator. "Security, we need a team down here at the Port, stat!"

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Clerk arrived at Deck -4, home of Quirk's Pizza Panorama, hungry and at wit's end. He sat down at a table and waited for the server to come by with a menu. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar face...

"Well, hello there, Jimi," said the elderly gentleman, walking over to Clerk's table.

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Episode 5: Quaranteenagers

It was dark. The Creature had no problem with that. It moved along quietly across the carpeted floor, zeroing in on its target. It crawled across the bedroom floor. Soon it was on top of the bed. Its claws began to dig in...

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